Android M Wishlist – Updated

Posted By Aung Nay on May 22, 2015

Dear Google,
My name is Aung and I am a boy. This year I have been very patient and appreciative of Lollipop. This year for I/O I would like to get these 10 wishes for Android M.

  • Scaling of gestures for device size. I shouldn’t have to swipe a mile because I have a bigger device. It’s basic. Someone should have sorted it out a long time ago. (Fixed for Nexus 6 Android M.)
  • More stable relationship with Android Wear. This includes, having more stable connection for security purposes, including the option to disabling lock screen when I have my watch is close by. And a watch should be able to connect to multiple devices as well as a phone/tablet connecting to multiple watches.
  • App Permissions shouldn’t be all or nothing affair. Users should be able to control them in very simple ways. For example, I don’t want all my apps to have access to my location all the time. Please make the interface so that I can control multiple apps’ specific permission at the same time and also have an interface to change multiple permissions on an app. (Included in M.)
  • Continuity for Android. This concept is not new to Google. But why it hasn’t been scaled has been a mystery. Please let this happen for all devices, including Android, iOS, Chromebook, Windows and Mac. And it should definitely include notifications.
  • Google Now/OK Google. It used to be the smartest thing around. It has fallen behind. Please make it better. Please make it more relatable. The voice controls are not universal and are implemented poorly, some of them are not properly thought through. Ability to converse or follow up on the last command. (Included in M and super impressed.)
  • Google Maps. Is it too difficult to put settings for toll roads and path preference? Why do I have to select those options every time I navigate? And if I use OK Google, I don’t even have that option. Please fix it.
  • Split screen multitasking should be part of the OS now. Especially for larger devices.
  • Home automation-Google Now integration. Home is a huge part of my life. It should be a part of Google Now. (Included in M.)
  • Separation of Work and Play. When a device is being used for work, work should not have an ability to wipe personal elements but should have ability to control work related items.
  • OS Updates. Every other major OS can update independent from the manufacturers. Android needs to grow up.

and Google. I also want to tell you that you have been awesome but you need to be awesomer because Microsoft is getting super awesome.


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