Feeling Unrecognized (Windows Hello)

Posted By Aung Nay on Nov 6, 2016

After using Surface Book with Windows Hello camera, I decided to pick up the Dell XPS 15 (9550) because I wanted a laptop with a bigger screen. As much as I love the raw power of maxed out XPS15 and the insanely awesome screen, I am not feeling the connection with it the way my Surface Book makes me.

If you are not familiar with Windows Hello camera, here’s how it works for a user: regardless of the lighting condition (brightly lit or completely dark), when the computer starts it goes through this process.

  • Getting Ready
  • Looking for you
  • Making sure it’s you
  • And then it greets me 😀

It knows me. I recognizes me the like nice security guy who protects a gated community and waves you in when you show up at the gate. As you form a relationship with Gary the security guy, I formed a relationship with my Surface Book. It smiles at me when it recognizes me and let me access my data. It felt nice.

Now, with this new powerful XPS 15, I am back with this glass, metal and carbon fiber interface that asks me for a password. It doesn’t know me. It doesn’t smile at me. I am just another user. A faceless unrecognizable user who happen to possess the right password. It feels cold. I feel unconnected. I feel unrecognized.

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