Proposed Law to Remedy the Post-Truth Politics/News

Posted By Aung Nay on Sep 16, 2016

Journalism should never be censored. However, it should be held to the highest standards of truth. In this corrupted age of media, truth has been on a back burner for the sake of ratings, clicks and profit margins. And we the people will pay a heavy price for our preference of exciting headlines and dramatic news. What I don’t understand is why do we need drama and excitement from our news when we can get drama and excitement from endless variety of other entertainment that are available via various sources.

That said, the term “news”, and all its synonyms and other descriptions, must be held to the highest legal requirements for provision of truth. If an outlet or media group desires to provide non-truth or subjective opinion or outright lies, such outlet or media group must not use the term “news” or any equivalent term or phrase to describe what is being delivered.

All non-factual elements are included in the news program from sources that does not represent the news outlet, such as interviews, the news agents are required to question it at its earliest opportunity. Any delays resulting from intentional neglect will be liable in civil and criminal proceedings.

Also, any non-news coverage relating to current events or news that contains opinion or non-factual statements must include clear, unequivocal and unavoidable warning label which tells the public that the media they are consuming are not facts.

The same rule should apply to the term “history”, “science” and “healthcare” as well as public figures, such as celebrities and religious figures. For example, some celebrities stating vaccines will give autism to children and religious leaders citing scriptures incorrectly to incite violence.


Another aspect of news corruption is profits and expecting this public service to be completely market supported. Therefore, news has turned into reality daytime talk shows instead of an informative and factual service. I believe that there is a market failure in the news sector and as such there should be public funding of news programs where they have complete editorial independence as long as they comply with the public service requirements.

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