Punishment for Committing Genocide: Mostly Nothing!!!

Posted By Aung Nay on Aug 27, 2018

Have you ever asked yourself that question? What happens to you when you commit genocide? Today I learned. The Burmese generals who ordered genocide today saw what the world would do to a criminal that has murdered tens of thousands of people and turned a million people into refugees. Mostly nothing!!!

Immediate Punishment
Get banned from Facebook: Seriously? The punishment for Min Aung Hlaing, the man who is responsible for tens of thousands of deaths and close to a million refugees, was simply getting banned from Facebook. Come on! My cousin bans himself from Facebook periodically for a lot less than that. Getting banned from Facebook is not a punishment! It’s a damn reward! He now doesn’t have to deal with hecklers on Facebook and no more social pressure to keep posting good shit like he’s a human being. He can now spend that time planning more genocides. Hey Mark Zuckerberg, while you are at it, why don’t you ban all the Burmese generals from Fortnite as well, even though it’s a completely different company.

Maybe Punishments
Travel ban: Oh wow! Now, maybe Min Aung Hlaing can’t experience the wonders of Pizza Rat in NYC! Or take pleasure in the joy of eating soggy chips with fried fish in London! Or delight in the winter wonderland of ass-freezing Vancouver! Or enjoy the jellyfish ridden beaches of Melbourne! Remember, this is a maybe! Likely but a maybe! Yo, Min Aung Hlaing, book your trips on Trivago now and have a blast before someone does the right thing on you!

Asset Freeze: Boo hoo! Which corrupt billionaire general/dictator/president actually keeps all his (Yes, it’s always a he. Ladies! You gotta get in on that action!) stolen money in a bank account in a Western country in their own name in 2018? That’s what money managers are for! Don’t you know that all their monies are spread around under different names, usually their family members, close friends and dummy companies?

Probably Not Happening Punishments
Trialed at The International Criminal Court or something: Exactly! It’s is definitely “or something” It takes a lot of effort on the part of many different people across different countries to commit to definitely “or something” that’s probably not happening.

Bonus Question
What if you are a Nobel Peace Prize winner who is complicit in the cover-up of a genocide? How will you be punished? Oh, you must be joking, right? Who would punish someone like that? You get a stern footnote in a UN report! That’s what you get.

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