Samsung Chromebook Pro Vs. Asus Flip C302 M3 Drama

Posted By Aung Nay on Jan 13, 2017

When Chromebooks came out, I definitely was not a fan. Usability is very limited and I don’t just live my life in a browser. I really thought it would just be another netbook all over again. But I did get a Toshiba Chromebook 2 when it came out and used it for a few months. It gave me a good understanding of how Chrome OS works and what not. It was never my go to device. I always pick up some other device, either some other windows/mac laptop or and iPad.

But when Google announced that Android apps would be available for Chrome OS, it drew my attention back to Chrome OS. I got myself a Dell Chromebook 13 7310. It was a nice device but I had two major issues with it. It’s a fingerprint magnet and it didn’t have a touch screen.

Now, on the verge of Samsung Chromebook Plus/Pro availability, my excitement for Chrome OS is as high as it has ever been. However, there’s a drama. Asus has also launched it’s Flip. There are lots of factors to consider when comparing Samsung’s and Asus’ chromebooks. First, I eliminated the Samsung Chromebook Plus. The processor wasn’t going to cut the mustard. So, it’s a straight up competition between the Samsung Chromebook Pro and Asus Flip C302 M3 version. The M3 processor seems like the sweet spot for Chromebook performance.

Let me rent at Samsung a bit here. There won’t be any drama, if Samsung had put a backlit keyboard in the damn thing. Why Samsung? Why? But since Samsung didn’t, drama ensues.

Comparison of things that matter to me:

Samsung Chromebook Pro Asus Flip C302 M3
Backlit Keyboard No Yes
Screen Ratio 3:2 16:9
Screen Brightness 400 nits 300 nits
Trackpad Size Good Alright
Pen Input Yes No

Of course there are other things like local storage (winner Asus with 64GB), performance and battery (winner Asus because of lower resolution screen) and build quality (winner Asus).

You are probably thinking: “Aung, that doesn’t make sense! Asus seems like a better product in general.” And I would say that you are probably right. But not for me. My use case might be different from yours.

Right now, as I try to streamline my gadget ownership, I got rid of a lot of my devices already. But I am very attached to some of these and I don’t want to get rid of them. And I am hoping the Samsung Chromebook Pro will fit among these in a nice way.

Primary computer: Dell XPS 15 9550 (i7, 4K with touch, 16GB, 500GB 960 Evo, TB dock)
This is my go to computer for pretty much everything now.

Secondary computer: Mac Mini 2012 (i5, 8GB, 256GB SSD)
It sits at my home office desk with two 27” monitors. But the XPS thunderbolt dock is also attached to those monitors. I usually end up using the XPS with the dock. But when I don’t have my XPS with me, Mac it is.

Tertiary computer: Surface Pro 3 (i5, 4GB 128GB)
This is my travel/meeting computer. Works really well when I am on the go.

Quaternary computer: HP Probook 4430s (i7, 8GB, 256GB SSD, Ubuntu)
I occasionally pick this up to play with Linux. It’s old, heavy and battery life is abysmal. But I am emotionally attached to it. I pick it up often enough that it doesn’t collect dust. The old girl is just chugging along just fine. I even run Chrome OS using the sd card from time to time.

Primary Tablet: iPad Air 2 (64GB, 4G)
My favorite slack off device. I use it to browse on my recliner, look up stuff in the kitchen, buy crap online and play Boom Beach.

Primary Phone: iPhone 6S (16GB)
I have used Android, iOS and Windows phones in parallel for the past few years. I usually end up picking up Android devices every day and preferred my Android Wear watch over Apple Watch. So, when I decided that Android will be my platform, I also decided to have a Rumspringa with an iPhone and Apple Watch for a year to make sure I am not missing out anything great on Apple.

Secondary Tablet/Phone: Sony Z3 Tablet Compact Phone
This is my secondary device. But when I get busy, it becomes my primary device. It just works. I get all the info easily at a glance. Fits into my back jean pocket or my jacket inside pocket well.

Where does the Samsung Chromebook Pro fit in then? I am hoping that it becomes the well rounded jack of all trade device that might help me get rid of more devices. I am hoping that it will demote the XPS to my desk as a secondary device. Replace, Surface Pro 3 and iPad Air 2 and retire the Mac Mini. I am not getting rid of the HP Probook. 안돼요 – AnDwaeYo!

Or it would fail to live up to my expectations and get relegated into the sad role of quinary computer. On that note, the damn thing doesn’t have the backlit keyboard. And that’s what makes me think of the Asus. It would work well but it won’t achieve my goal of streamlining my devices but it seems like a better device. And the drama continues…

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