Surface Pro 5 Wishlist

Posted By Aung Nay on Mar 29, 2016

Even though Surface Book is the new hot thing. It’s not really my thing. My ownership of Surface Book just makes me realize how much I like the Surface Pro series. Of course, Surface Pro 5 isn’t due for sometime. But I am already excited about it and here’s my wish list.

Smart Bezel

The frame of Surface Pro 4 and Pro 3 are big enough to fit a bezel-less 13.5” screen. But on Surface Pro 3, it came with a 12” screen and on Pro 4 the screen size increased to 12.3. Dell XPS laptops now have InfinityEdge displays which are almost bezel-less. I believe that the Surface Pro should have a similar display. However the Surface Pro also function as a tablet and will need a bezel when used in a tablet mode. Whichever side of the screen you are holding, should work as a bezel and the rest of the screen should continue to function as shown below.


The screen should detect the hand and create an artificial bezel that the user can use. When using the Type Cover, the screen should extend to the point of the edge of the smart cover as shown above.

Ultrasonic Fingerprint Reader

The ultrasonic fingerprint reader should be embedded under the screen with an assigned area as shown in the image above with orange rectangles. When a finger is placed in those areas, the fingerprint should be verified. The should be two readers, one for landscape and another for portrait mode.

Additional Keyboard Type

Surface Pro should get an additional optional keyboard type that’s similar to the SurfaceBook while keeping it’s traditional kickstand. It would give more options for users for extended battery and possible GPU enhancements. Though additional GPU is not necessary.


This is a must for the Surface Pro. It’s insane not to have cellular connectivity option available. Please get with the times and offer us the options.

Intel RealSense 3D Camera

The Intel RealSense camera should be one of the biometric security systems on the Surface Pro.

Wireless Charging

The Intel Skylake chipset is compatible with the wireless charging as Intel has demonstrated before. It should now be included in the Surface Pro.


Surface Pro 5 should have the usb-c connector that’s capable of standard use including charging the device.

Instant On

Right now, waking up takes a few seconds. It should be instant on.

Double Tap Wake

The device should wake up with double tap on the screen.

And as always, please make it thinner, lighter (under 1.5 lb.), longer battery life and throw in the Cannonlake CPU.

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