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Posted By Aung Nay on Sep 8, 2016

Windows laptop makers have a bezel problem or should I say, you have an aspect ratio problem. Let’s break the bezel problem down a little. First is the bezel-less design that Dell and Lenovo are going for and second is the relationship between trackpad, aspect ratio of the screen and the body of the laptop.

Starting with the bezel-less design, the change is location of the webcam to the bottom bezel is a really bad idea. It really should go back to the top. There are a few problems with being at the bottom. The angle of the camera view is quite displeasing and not professional looking with conducting online meetings. Also it doesn’t work well with the Windows Hello facial recognition requirements like RealSense and Kinect. However, if the Windows Hello compatible webcams are placed on the top bezel, they work well.

The next problem is the change in the size of the trackpad. The older tiny Windows trackpads were terrible. It was imperative that the size was increased, similar to the Mac trackpads. The problem lies in the width of the trackpad. To make the trackpad more usable, the width needed to be increased. Some laptop makers have tried increasing the length of the trackpad instead of the width and they do not work out well. And when the trackpad width is increased, the body width of the laptop also increases. Thus, increasing the top and bottom bezel size of a laptop when the 16:9 aspect screen ratio is maintained.

The next logical step is adopt the next logical aspect ratio for the screen. While the most Windows PC makers and monitor makers stick to 16:9, Microsoft and Google have switched to 3:2 aspect ratio (Surface Book & Chromebook Pixel) which mostly solves the problems that I mentioned above on a laptop. The other option is √2:1 aspect ratio that ISO216 standard uses for paper sizes around the world, which is very efficient.


The ridiculous size of bottom bezel on the Yoga 910

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