Why I Drive and Why I Would Like To Get A Self-driving Car

Posted By Aung Nay on May 28, 2014

I drive, like most other people, to get from point A to point B. That consist of 80% of my driving. It’s not necessarily enjoyable and most of the time it’s just tedious. Do I never take joy in driving? Of course, I do. 20% of the time I really do enjoy driving. I enjoy the scenery as I drive pass beautiful places. I am even excited sometimes.

I drive a Toyota Yaris. By definition, there is no joy to be had from driving a Yaris. It’s not luxurious. Zero performance. 0-60 in forever seconds. Top speed of barely above the speed limit. It’s a very utilitarian vehicle that fits me and it’s the cheapest car that my ego would allow me to drive. (Don’t go off-roading with a Yaris because I used the word utilitarian.)

Yaris really fits my driving style too. I am in the same camp as James May. I could imagine Captain Slow in his Fiat Panda and me in my Yaris, cruising along a country road enjoying ourselves. I could also imagine retired grannies honking us because we are going so slow on a single lane road.

As much as I love to try to enjoy the scenery when I drive, I never felt that I was able to bask in the full beauty of nature while I am driving. Indeed, I have to pay attention to the road and what not after all. Sometimes I wish someone would drive me so that I can just enjoy.

A Google self-driving car would be perfect. It would take me from point A to point B and I get to use my undivided attention to enjoy the scenery or do something else completely. It would add time to my day to tackle a few things I don’t manage to do now. When there’s traffic, I don’t have to get annoyed and get pissed off with road-holes.

I’d get a self-driving car today, if it was the right price. So, what’s the right price for me? I’d say a few thousand more than the Nissan Leaf. At which point, I’d politely say to Google, “Shut up and take my money!”

Check out Google’s First Drive

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